Soal Aktive passive, adjective clause and conditional

soal conditional sentences :
Multiple Choices

1. I cannot finish this work unless you … me
a. helped
b. don’t help
c. help
d. didn’t help
2. If you try again, you … it well
a. will do
b. could do
c. has done
d. would do
3. If the man … carelessly, he would get an
a. drives
b. didn’t drive
c. doesn’t drive
d. drove
4. She would have returned the book …
a. if you asked her
b. unless you asked her
c. if you had asked her
d. unless you had asked her
5. We will miss the first train, unless we … early
a. get up
b. got up
c. had got up
d. don’t get up
6. “Will you tell Mary about it?”
a. if i met her
b. if i don’t meet her
c. if i meet her
d. if i didn’t meet her
7. If you hurt him, I … something you
a. I would have done
b. I should have done
c. I might have done
d. I would done
8. If I pass my final test, what …?
a. you will buy for me
b. will you buy for me
c. would you buy for me
d. you would buy for me
9. Unless I know the answer, I … the question
a. will answer
b. won’t answer
c. would answer
d. wouldn’t answer
10. Would you repair this radio if you tools?
a. get
b. get
c. will get
d. had got

soal adjective clauses :
1.Dubbing is an audio process __________ one sound over another sound.
b.that imprints it
c.which imprints
d.that it imprints
2.Thomas Jefferson, _______ of fathering several children by one of his slaves, was supposedly committed to the principle of equal rights for all. that he was accused
b.that was accused
c.he was accused
d.who was accused
3.The cheetah is a member of the feline family _______ are being drastically reduced by in-breeding and lion predation.
a.whose numbers
b.those numbers
c.that its numbers
d.its numbers that
4.Wrap-around sound, a process patented by Dolby, is an audio device _______ the moviegoer in the center of the action.
b.that puts them
c.that they put
d.that puts
5.Coca-Cola, begun in an Atlanta drugstore in 1888, remains a powerful beverage company _______ with numerous smaller food producers.
a.that has merged
b.that merged it
c.which merging
d.whose to merge
6.The next point __________ is at the sawmill. which it is important to put a check upon wood waste which that is important to put a check upon wood waste
c.that is important to put a check upon wood waste
d.important to put a check upon wood waste
7.Carl Maria von Weber was one of those peculiar types __________, round whom the darker shadows of the world may close for years almost unnoticed.
a.that always young in animal spirits
b.whom always young in spirits animal
c.who are always young in animal spirits
d.they are always young in animal spirits
8.Grieg went out into his own fertile by-way, leaving the broad valley for the narrower region __________. exploring for the first time
b.that explored for the first time it the first time of exploration
d.which he explored for the first time
9.When speaking of the social mammals, there are other conditions of life, however, __________ that the newly born young one should be put on the spot almost at once because the situation is full of danger. that it is necessary which it is necessary
c.if it is necessary
d.that they are necessary
10.In many ways, the most striking of the carnivorous plants in the Venus Fly-trap, __________. grows in marshy places in Carolina
b.that growing in marshy places in Carolina
c.which it grows in marshy places in Carolina
d.which grows in marshy places in Carolina
Answers: C, D, A, D, A , A, C, D, B, D

soal active passive :

Answer the questions about the movie excerpt you just watched. Use the vocabulary words below to help you. Be sure to answer in complete sentences, using the passive.
boulder flatten idol replace spear stones chase follow Indians sand spiders surround exchange hole opening skeleton squash whip

1. What was placed in the bag by Indiana Jones?
2. What was Indiana’s helper frightened by?
3. What had happened to the other scientist (skeleton) earlier
4. What happened to the idol?
5. What almost happened to Indiana Jones when he tried to get under the
6. What had already happened to the helper when Indiana reached him?
7. What happened to Indiana next?
8. What happened to Indiana when he got outside the cave?
10. What happened to Indiana when he tried to escape?


Combine the two sentences into one by using adjective clause!
1. The waitress was a bad guy. He over charged us.
2. My English teacher always gives me a good grade. He is a nice teacher.
3. The man has a beautiful daughter. He is a policeman.
4. My sister always sends me some letters. She is teaching in Singapore.
5. The musician is very skilful. She is also a doctor.
6. I have read the book. you just mentioned.
7. The lesson is very difficult. She is learning.
8. The boy is called Bob. He gave me a present.
9. We have an antique table. The top of it has jade inlay.
10. There are 20 students in my class. Most of them are from the Outside Java.
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